Characterization of AffiVIR® rVSV Pseudotyped EBOV GP: A Tool for Ebola Virus Entry Studies

This study aims to characterize the properties of AffiVIR® rVSV pseudotyped with the Ebola virus glycoprotein (EBOV GP). The AffiVIR® platform holds promise for vaccine development and therapeutic interventions against Ebola virus disease (EVD). Through a series of experiments, we evaluated the infectivity, tropism, and immunogenicity of AffiVIR® rVSV pseudotyped with EBOV GP.

Ebola virus poses a significant threat to public health, necessitating the development of effective vaccines and therapeutics. AffiVIR® is a viral vector platform based on recombinant vesicular stomatitis virus (rVSV), engineered for pseudotyping with various viral glycoproteins, including EBOV GP. Pseudotyping with EBOV GP enables AffiVIR® to target Ebola virus-infected cells. In this study, we investigate the properties of AffiVIR® rVSV pseudotyped with EBOV GP.


AffiVIR® rVSV pseudotyped with EBOV GP was generated using established molecular biology techniques. The infectivity of AffiVIR® was assessed using cell culture-based assays. Viral tropism was evaluated by infecting different cell types expressing various levels of EBOV GP. Immunogenicity was analyzed by measuring the induction of neutralizing antibodies in vaccinated animals.


AffiVIR® rVSV pseudotyped with EBOV GP exhibited efficient infectivity in vitro, with a broad tropism for cells expressing EBOV GP. The pseudotyped virus induced robust immune responses in vaccinated animals, including the production of neutralizing antibodies against EBOV GP.


The characterization of AffiVIR® rVSV pseudotyped with EBOV GP highlights its potential as a vaccine candidate or therapeutic agent against EVD. The broad tropism and immunogenicity of AffiVIR® suggest its suitability for further preclinical and clinical development.

AffiVIR® rVSV pseudotyped with EBOV GP demonstrates promising characteristics for combating EVD. Further research is warranted to optimize its efficacy and safety for use in human populations.

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