Engineering AffiVIR® rVSV Pseudotyped with SUDV GP: A Technical Approach for Vaccine Development"

This study focuses on the development and characterization of AffiVIR® rVSV pseudotyped with the glycoprotein (GP) of Sudan virus (SUDV) for potential vaccine applications. The AffiVIR® platform offers a promising approach for vaccine development due to its ability to deliver antigenic proteins efficiently. In this study, we describe the construction of the AffiVIR® rVSV vector expressing SUDV GP, its production, and characterization in terms of stability, infectivity, and immunogenicity.

SUDV is a highly pathogenic virus belonging to the family Filoviridae, causing severe hemorrhagic fever with high mortality rates in humans. The development of effective vaccines against SUDV is crucial for public health preparedness. The use of viral vectors, such as recombinant vesicular stomatitis virus (rVSV), pseudotyped with SUDV GP, offers a promising strategy for vaccine development. AffiVIR® is a novel platform that enhances the immunogenicity of viral vectors by displaying antigens on the viral surface.

Materials and Methods

  1. Construction of AffiVIR® rVSV expressing SUDV GP:
    • Cloning of SUDV GP gene into AffiVIR® rVSV vector.
    • Generation of stable cell lines expressing AffiVIR® rVSV-SUDV GP.
  2. Production and purification of AffiVIR® rVSV-SUDV GP:
    • Large-scale production of viral vectors in mammalian cell culture.
    • Purification of viral particles by ultracentrifugation and chromatography.
  3. Characterization of AffiVIR® rVSV-SUDV GP:
    • Stability assessment under various storage conditions.
    • Determination of viral infectivity using cell-based assays.
    • Evaluation of immunogenicity in animal models.


  • Successful construction of AffiVIR® rVSV expressing SUDV GP.
  • Efficient production and purification of AffiVIR® rVSV-SUDV GP.
  • High stability and infectivity of AffiVIR® rVSV-SUDV GP.
  • Induction of robust immune responses in vaccinated animals, as evidenced by antibody production and T-cell activation.


The development of AffiVIR® rVSV pseudotyped with SUDV GP represents a significant advancement in vaccine technology for SUDV. The platform offers several advantages, including enhanced immunogenicity, stability, and ease of production. Future studies will focus on further optimizing vaccine formulations and evaluating efficacy in preclinical and clinical settings.

AffiVIR® rVSV pseudotyped with SUDV GP holds great promise as a vaccine candidate against SUDV. Further research and development efforts are warranted to advance this novel vaccine platform towards clinical applications.

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